meggan stordahl encaustics
buffalo dustA, B, Cfull moontrailsstep sideways which way?He and She3 piecesstormTrioegypts.s.10s.s.8s.s.7green 1b&w lb&w ll
An Eclectic Mix
These pieces were done over a span of 2 years, many have sold and some look like orphans now, nothing to hang next to. I find my work goes in "batches" with the hot palette there is a different interaction with color and my work tends to stay in a color theme or batch. So this is a mix of many batches.

The first piece, Buffalo Dust, is in a 3 year traveling exhibit to communities in Wyoming. "Contemporary Art in Wyoming" was put together by UW Art Museum and features art by 19 artists from around our fine state. See links for more information on this traveling exhibit.