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I began experimenting with encaustic painting over a decade ago, it caught me right away. I've worked with images and mixed media all my life but this art form spoke to me in a different way. Encaustic satisfies the tactile world I tend to live in while using painting as the vehicle, it is just the coolest combination of things I love.

I've been immersed in wax and imagery since the first day I turned on a wax palette. It wasn't until a few years of waxing away that I realized why this was such a comfortable place for me. I was warming up my palette, the aroma of wax drifting up as it melted that it occurred to me, I grew up in a ski shop, watching my dad repair and wax skis. When I closed my eyes and thought about those days this familiar smell took me back to his ski bench. If he were alive today I think he'd be quite surprised by what I do with wax using many of the same tools he used in his trade, from heat guns to my trusted snowboard iron, his trade and my art have tools and touch in common.

The designed bags you see as part of my portfolio are my on the go projects. Many buttons can be sewn while driving across the state of wyoming... A friend challenged me to make a knitting basket that wouldn't break as she drug it from hither to yarn:) thus the creation of the "bucket bag" as i so fondly call it. Bringing to mind a bucket of oats hung round a horses nose.

Bags available on my Etsy site see links for info